The greatest reward we can receive is seeing a client's excitement when achieving their health and fitness goals.
Here are some of our success stories!
"Hartmut has been my personal trainer for the past year, coming highly recommended from a friend.  I have honestly never been in better shape.  He is a truly talented trainer who is able to provide challenging exercises that are diverse and individualized to my specific needs and areas of concern.  I also really appreciate his professionalism and extensive knowledge of the human physiology which has helped me through many running injuries.  I have worked with personal trainers for the last ten years and I would say unequivocally that Hartmut is one of the absolute best.”
~ Tammy Crown, Personal Training Client, Portola Valley CA
"Hartmut has helped me overcome multiple physical challenges with effective, efficient, intelligent, results-oriented, and reliable physical training.  Workouts are tuned to my specific needs.  Hartmut helped me get in shape and stay in shape.  When I had back and foot injuries, Hartmut gave me exercises to assist with recovery and to build strength so those issues did not reoccur.  I’ve worked with numerous personal trainers before meeting Hartmut and no one compares in terms of physical training intelligence and effectiveness.”
~ Rachel Berg, Personal Fitness Training, Portola Valley CA

"Hartmut Broring brings a wealth of experience and genuine care to his practice.  He is innovative and engaging when he teaches group balance classes to our cardiac rehab group.  Hartmut’s expertise shines in both a group and individual setting.  For 23 years, he has been making a difference at the Cardiac Therapy Foundation in Palo Alto.”
~ Robin W., RN, Director, Cardiac Therapy Foundation