The greatest reward we can receive is seeing a client's excitement when achieving their health and fitness goals.
Here are some of our success stories!
Hartmut and Back In Form provide a balanced approach to change and a sure, steady path to goal accomplishment by combining expertise, creativity, and sensitivity with a positive, energetic outlook. Caring enthusiasm is key to Hartmut’s technique while challenge is the underlying guideline. Hartmut’s unerring evaluation of his client’s capabilities at each step keeps the exercise plan appropriate and the desired result possible. It has been a great pleasure for me to work with Hartmut and Back In Form and successful as well.
~ Gabriela Ondine The Villages
San Jose, CA
Hartmut Broring has served as my exercise therapist from [my] age of 84 to the present when I am 94.  I was first attracted to his work and still am to this day by the depth and extent of his knowledge of the causes and treatments of physical ailments.  I have marveled that in all these years I have never plumbed the full depths of his techniques which he can and does vary continuously to meet the immediate needs. I cannot close these comments without mentioning with pleasure his warm personality and  his friendly concern.
~ Robert N.
Palo Alto, CA

BACK IN FORM, Inc. has been a valued contributor to our employee health and wellness program. The presentations regarding ergonomics and stress-management were greatly appreciated and continue to make a positive impact in our employee’s day to day work-life.
~ Christl Hurd Employee Health &Wellness Coordinator